The physical Weaving Space is tentatively open for one-to-one tuition! Contact me if you’d like to discuss a programme of mentoring in person or online.

What would you like to weave?

I can help you to develop your weaving skills, extend your repertoire of structures and increase your confidence in creating your own original designs.

You may wish to focus on…

  • Weaving basics: learning to dress the loom, to weave, to finish your woven cloth
  • Design skills: reading and creating weaving drafts, working with colour and pattern
  • Specific weave structures: e.g. twills, lace, honeycombs and waffles, double weave

How would you like to work?


Book a day of private tuition and I will develop a personal programme for you to meet your needs and interests. Bring your own loom, if you have one, or use one of my studio looms: it is up to you.

Dates: contact me to make an arrangement that suits you

Times: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm (6 hours tuition)


You may prefer to meet from week to week or month to month for an ongoing programme of development. Contact me to discuss an arrangement that will work for you.