Scottish Weavers Day

Something for the summer!

The Loom Shed are hosting a day of talks by Scottish weavers on Saturday 16 July and I am honoured to be included alongside James Donald of PickOne, Sam Goates of Woven in the Bone, and Naomi Robertson of Dovecot Studios. We all bring very different perspectives on the practice of weaving, so it should make for a rich and engaging day.

All the talks will be delivered via Zoom, and you can either buy tickets for individual sessions at £12 each or for all four talks at £45. If you can’t join us live, you’ll be able to catch up with recordings. All the details and online booking are available on the Loom Shed website.

Hope to see you there,


Autumn Classes online

I know many of my fellow weavers love to plan ahead, so online classes for autumn/winter 2022/23 are now available to book here.

Understand Double Weave on 8 Shafts is returning in September and in January, and I’m looking forward to the new feature of this class: our guest speaker slot. We tried this out as a little surprise extra in February and March this year, and it was wonderful to hear from other weavers who use double weave creatively in their work.

A new addition to the schedule is Explore Double Huck, which will be a deep exploration of this extremely versatile structure. I am excited to be creating this new course celebrating one of my favourite under-the-radar weave structures.

And finally (for now!) there is a new format. Mechanical Magic is a series of online seminars for weavers who use – or are thinking of using – a mechanical dobby loom. Book just one class or book two and get £10 off with the code MAGIC at the checkout (offer lasts until the end of May).

Happy weaving,


Supporting the Flow Country

One of the hidden costs of moving so much of our lives online is the energy it takes to keep us connected. I’ve been trying to do my sums, and the quantity of CO2 an online Weaving Space workshop generates is pretty modest in the scheme of things, but I am still conscious that it is a cost.

Photo by K B on Unsplash

So in addition to my personal support for environmental charities, Weaving Space is now making its own contribution to the planet. I’m setting aside 1% of all revenue – that’s before any other costs are considered – and donating it to charities which do environmental conservation and restoration work.

In 2022 Weaving Space is supporting the RSPB, which goes far beyond its title claim of protecting birds by centering its work on the habitats as much as the species. They are actively working to restore one of the most important ecosystems in Scotland, which also happens to be exceptionally unusual and beautiful. The Flow Country is a huge blanket bog, which acts as an enormous carbon store as well as a precious habitat for wildlife.

This is an ongoing commitment, so whenever you book a Weaving Space workshop you will be contributing to this priceless work.

Happy weaving,