Online workshops continue in 2021/22

At the time of writing, spring is well underway and Scotland is starting to unlock after the long winter of COVID. I am starting to get back in the studio, but haven’t yet had the confidence to set dates for physical workshops. The pain of cancellation is still too raw and real!

For now, I am continuing to plan online workshops in double weave. Right now, those who have patiently waited since last December are getting priority in the booking process, but the web shop will open up again on 19 June.

I’m also preparing something new, so watch this space for more details later in the year!

Happy weaving,


New! A private resources hub for subscribers

I’ve been sharing ideas and drafts via email for a couple of years now, and some of those resources are not available anywhere else. That seems a shame, and hence the new thing I have made! It’s the Weaving Space Resources Hub and it’s just for subscribers to my email list. So if you would like to sign up, you can do so right here:

At the moment, it is a two step process. You need to sign up to the email list first, then (surprise!) you’ll receive an email from me. Amazing. This email will contain a link to the sign-up page for the Resources Hub, and off you go.

Happy weaving!


Double Weave course takes shape

I’ve been delighted, and also rather overwhelmed, by the response to my forthcoming course on 8-shaft double weave. So many people are excited to dive deep into this weave! I’ve had a lot of questions about the course and have now compiled some of the most frequent into a page of FAQs. Bear in mind that the course is a work-in-progress and so I cannot be definitive about everything, even if being definitive were in my nature.

As I venture into this new territory I need to strike a balance. On the one hand I want to stay open and responsive to what you need to become confident with double weave. On the other, I need to stay true to what I do best and love most about this weave. If you want to know whether my style will suit you, and whether ‘my kind of double weave’ is what you are after, then the best guide is the material I have already published here on the Warp Space blog.

Happy weaving!


Do you want to understand double weave?

My six-week online course will introduce you to double weave on an 8-shaft loom.

A Change to Warp Space

For the last few years I have been slowly but steadily adding new material to the Warp Space blog, but now I need to take a pause. I’ll still be writing and creating new material, but I need to prioritise! I’ve had some tricky tech issues to deal with over the summer, and need to address these to make this website robust for the longer term.

So for now I am not going to be adding new posts to Warp Space. Instead I am going to be sharing new material exclusively with email subscribers. If you aren’t a subscriber already, you can easily become one by signing up here.

It’s not all website housekeeping, though. A more exciting challenge is setting up the online course materials I have been working on. You can read about it here. There’s still a lot of work to do to get all the pieces together and into the beautiful format I am carrying in my head!

Happy weaving!


Coronavirus Update

Since Tuesday 24 March, the physical Weaving Space has been closed to visitors. All workshops and face-to-face teaching engagements which were scheduled from this time until the end of 2020 have now been cancelled. There will be no further workshops in my studio until 2021, and it is still not possible to say when they can recommence.

If you had enrolled on a workshop which was planned for 2020 then you will have heard from me. Everyone has been offered a full refund, and most have now been issued, but a few students are still bravely hanging on to the hope of re-convening in due course! Please know that I appreciate your optimism at such a challenging time. I have already taken the step of completely rearranging the Weaving Space, I’ve stocked up on sanitiser, and I’ve submitted my revised floor plan and risk assessment to my studio landlord… in other words, I’m ready to re-open as soon as it is deemed safe to do so! But our health, and the health of everyone around us, must take priority.

In the meantime, this has been the push I needed to get me developing online course materials. If you would like to be the first to hear about new projects and developments, then why not sign up for my email newsletter?

Wishing you safe and well, wherever you are.