Twills on 4 shafts

Discover the basic ingredients of 4-shaft twills from threading to tie-up, so that you can start to explore this exciting family of weaves.… Read More


The treadling is the last piece of the weaving draft puzzle for floor loom weavers. In this post we learn how to read and interpret it.… Read More

Photo of loom on tour: Meet Your Maker at the National Museum

Newsletter subscribers are always the first to get my news about classes and workshops as well as other weaving-related activities, such as Open Studios and exhibitions. And sometimes they get a sneaky wee discount too! If you would like to … Read More

example of weaving draft
Weaving Drafts Examined

Generations of weavers have used drafts to pass on information to their students and colleagues, so let’s continue that historic tradition by working through the components of the weaving draft piece by piece.… Read More

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