12 Twills of Christmas: Twill 7


When I think of fireworks, I think of pinwheels; and when I think of pinwheels, I think of fireworks. This is the perfect 8-shaft colour-and-weave twill for Hogmanay!

To make the colour really pop, try alternating black with different shades of red, orange, pink etc. If you don’t have lots of different shades, multiply the ones you have by making some sections out of two alternating yarns. For example, if you have red and yellow but no orange, thread some sections entirely in red, some in alternating red and yellow, and some entirely in yellow.

You can get an enormous variety of designs on the same warp by varying the tie-up. I particularly like to mix plain weave areas into my twills (as you may have noticed…). As the plain weave pushes outward, it makes the tails on the pinwheels curve, which is very firework-y.

Download the drafts

Printable drafts and project planning notes for the Twelve Twills collection: six 4-shaft and six 8-shaft twills, all accessed through our beautiful online resource hub.

Oh, and the tie-up I used on 28 December for the winter forest design gives an over-sized, slightly textured version of houndstooth.

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