Twelve Twills of Christmas

Downloadable drafts and project notes

I must admit that sometimes I get a bit carried away with an idea. The 12 Twills of Christmas is a series of blog posts I first shared some years ago, and since then it has been great to see this small selection of twills taken up by many weavers and turned into beautiful finished projects.

I’ve often been asked whether I could provide downloadable files for these drafts, and this year I finally managed to swing into action! I’ve had a lot of fun compiling project notes, tweaking WIFs and creating a beautiful resource hub to house them all. It’s turned into quite a complex creative project, and made me feel very Christmassy too!

All the original articles are still available to read free right here on my website, but if you want the added extras they are available from my new digital shop for a very modest £12 (plus VAT for some of us, since this is a purely digital product).

You can purchase for yourself, or for someone else, so I hope you’ll find this an enjoyable digital stocking filler for the festive season!

Happy weaving,