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  • Fully booked

    Introduction to Weaving

    This is a four-day course spread over two weekends in February/March 2020. The first weekend will be spent learning the basics and planning a project. The second weekend is all about your project! You will dress the loom and weave a piece to your own design. You will also learn some techniques for finishing your woven cloth.

  • Taster Day

    A ‘taster day’ is a one-day workshop which includes hands-on experience of all the processes involved in weaving your own cloth. You will create a woven sampler to take away with you at the end. All the weaving is done on four-shaft table looms which are prepared in advance and ready to use.

  • Weaving Weekend: Overshot

    This versatile weave structure allows you to create amazing large- and small-scale patterns with only 4 shafts. It can be used in a traditional or contemporary style and with a wide range of fibres. We will experiment!

  • Fully booked

    Weaving Weekend: Parallel Threadings

    This approach to threading multiple warp layers is the basis of several different weave structures, and it combines very well with network drafting to create multi-layered curving designs. We’ll create original designs and explore many possibilities.