Digital shop update: tax-inclusive pricing

This is hardly the most thrilling update in the history of thrilling updates, but I thought it worth a few words!

You may notice that prices listed in the Weaving Space Digital Shop are now a little bit higher than they were in January, but this is not inflation: it’s a change of system behind the scenes. Lemon Squeezy – the service that I use to bring you digital resources – now allows me to include VAT in the listed price rather than adding it on at the checkout.

A screenshot of the checkout in the digital shop, showing an image of the Two Faces of Twill resource pack and a blank payment form ready to be completed.

The way that it works is that the same total price applies wherever you are and whatever the rate of sales tax is in your country or state. For some of you that will mean you pay a bit less, while others may pay a bit more, so I’ve decided to split the difference with you. Although the ticket price is now higher, it is not in fact as high as the previous price + VAT. Hopefully that will give us all a reasonable place to land!

For now all transactions are still charged in dollars, which is a little frustrating for those of us in the UK, but I know that Lemon Squeezy are working on this. And I’m working on some new ideas for digital products, which I hope to bring you later in the year. If you’d like to stay in touch and hear the latest news, please consider signing up for my newsletter.

Happy Weaving!