Goose Eye

12 Twills of Christmas: Twill 8

New Year’s Day

I am not sure whether the goose over-indulged last night, but his eyes do have that look about them…

‘Goose Eye’ is the name given to a 4-shaft twill where a vertical herringbone (created in the threading) is combined with a horizontal herringbone (created in the liftplan). The clean break between sections, which is characteristic of a herringbone weave, yields a quartered diamond which reflects and repeats. Seen in the drawdown on a screen it is a bit dazzling, but rendered in a soft tweedy wool yarn it is much kinder to look at!

The size of the pattern can easily be varied by altering the number of ends/picks between the breaks. I have used 12 ends/picks per section, so at 24 epi my goose-eyes would be one inch square.

Online resource pack

Downloadable drafts and project planning notes for the Twelve Twills collection: six 4-shaft and six 8-shaft twills, all accessed through our beautiful online resource hub.

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