12 Twills of Christmas: Twill 1

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas! For a traditional start to a traditional season, here is a classic but effective twill: houndstooth.

Houndstooth belongs to a category of weaves called colour-and-weave. Of course all weaving has colour, but in colour-and-weave we are particularly concerned with the precise placement of the colour within the weave structure. This usually consists of alternating two colours in a simple but strict fashion. It can create dramatic effects that look much more complex than the underlying interlacement.

In the case of houndstooth, the underlying weave is a balanced twill on 4 shafts. The visual effect of the ‘tooth’ is created by alternating four threads of a light colour with four threads of a dark colour. This is done in both warp and weft. I’ve picked red and white in order to give Father Christmas a classic tweed in his signature colours!

First posted on weavingspace.co.uk © Cally Booker