Pinwheel blocks

12 Twills of Christmas: Twill 11

4 January

In today’s draft you may well spot a pinwheel motif once again, although this one is constructed rather differently. It is built from twill blocks and a rather neat thing you can do with them.

On eight shafts you can have two blocks of 4-shaft twill, which is what we have here. However, if you want to make it look as though you have more blocks than you really do, a good trick is to use three colours and change your colour stripes in the middle of your threading blocks. As you can see in this draft, it takes you six threading blocks to get back to the beginning of your pattern. By using the same sequence in both warp and weft, and a mix of warp-faced and weft-faced areas in your tie-up, you can create a set of interlocking shapes with a real feeling of movement and complexity.

Download the drafts

Printable drafts and project planning notes for the Twelve Twills collection: six 4-shaft and six 8-shaft twills, all accessed through our beautiful online resource hub.

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