Turn scraps of yarn into a field of flowers

Lemonade Weaves: 1

When life gives you lemons… weave yourself some lemonade. To keep us all going – whether we’re self-isolating, quarantined or just keeping a safe distance – I thought I’d share a few ways to make the most of simple drafts. I don’t have a master plan, I’m just sharing what comes to mind. I thought I’d start with tips for when you’re working from your stash and maybe have lots of little bits of yarn. How does that sound?

Let’s get weaving

We’ll start with a 6-end point threading. It’s this one:

If we weave it ‘as drawn in’ with a balanced twill we get a tiny diamond pattern. I have highlighted the six picks which correspond to the six threads in the threading repeat.

But let’s stretch that out to an 8-pick repeat, like this:

Very slightly bigger diamonds… OK, fine… But now let’s add colour.

Turn a twill into a field of flowers

The pick at the top of the sequence lifts shafts 2 & 3. I’ll make it grey to match the warp colour: that’s quite important for the effect I want to obtain. Then I’ll weave the next three picks (3 & 4; 4 & 1; 3 & 4) in a contrasting colour. Back to 2 & 3 in grey, then three more picks in colour (1 & 2; 4 & 1; 1 & 2). And repeat:

This is a fabulous design for using up little scraps of yarn. You only need three picks of any one yarn to add an accent stripe. It always makes me think of a field of flowers and it looks amazing on a green warp. By the way, you don’t need your ‘plain’ weft colour to match the warp exactly, but it’s good if it blends in. Aim to choose a yarn with a similar value.

At some point, I was given a bag full of scraps of pink mohair. What can I say? It happens. Pink mohair is not really my thing, but it does make a lovely garden of blooms.

Happy Weaving!


First posted on weavingspace.co.uk © Cally Booker

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  • This post is like an unexpected bouquet of flowers. A great idea and very welcome!
    Mind yourself in these strange times.

  • I’m in a similar position with all exhibitions and teaching cancelled = no income!
    It’s lovely at such a testing time that your priorities include supporting fellow weavers by sharing a perfect project suited to relative novices on a 4 shaft loom. Thank you Cally.

    • It’s really frightening, isn’t it? Just taking things day by day, as there’s no alternative! Wishing you safe and well, Rebecca.

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