Tiny tiles from a simple twill

Lemonade Weaves: 2

When life gives you lemons… weave yourself some lemonade. To keep us all going during the global coronavirus pandemic – whether we’re self-isolating, quarantined or just keeping a safe distance – I decided to share a few ways to make the most of simple drafts. There’s no master plan, but the theme is loosely ‘what can I do with the odd bits of yarn I have to hand?’

I’ve called this draft “2” but nearly called it “1A” since it is based on the same simple principle as my first lemonade weave. But I can see that such a numbering system would quickly get out of control… and, as I mentioned, this series is unplanned and whimsical!

Tiny Tiles

From a field of flowers, we have moved indoors. This pattern of tiny tiles makes me think of parquet flooring, and the warm tones of this little piece add to that effect.

The draft is even simpler than our first one. The threading is a straight draw on 4 shafts, and the liftplan is a straight 2/2 twill progression. The magic is in the use of the warp yarn, or a yarn that is similar in value, for one pick out of every four. For the other three picks you can use anything you like. It’s another great weave for little bits and pieces of yarn.

We can mix up the treadling a bit too, with the same colour sequence but over an 8-pick point repeat. To me this one looks even more like parquet:

And now I’m just messing around…

…but you can see how fruitful a principle this is, once you start playing with it. Have fun!

Happy Weaving!

First posted on weavingspace.co.uk © Cally Booker