Winter forest

12 Twills of Christmas: Twill 4

28 December

The spiky angles of the point twill are great for winter themes, and in this 8-shaft draft I am combining them with an advancing treadling to conjure up snow-covered pine forests. What is an advancing treadling? Well, essentially it is a treadling where the twill progression is not continuous (1 – 8 and round again) but inches forward in small steps. In this case I am treadling 1 – 5, then 2 – 6, then 3 – 7 and so on. With each section I am pushing the progression forward by one step. It is a design technique that slows the twill down a little and stretches it out.

You may also notice that my tie-up is not quite balanced. Overall I have more weft than warp showing – in this case more of the green forest than the white snow – and as I progress slowly through the different lifts, the area which shows the most weft gradually shifts across the design too.

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