Winter forest

12 Twills of Christmas: Twill 4

28 December

The spiky angles of the point twill are great for winter themes, and in this 8-shaft draft I am combining them with an advancing treadling to conjure up snow-covered pine forests. What is an advancing treadling? Well, essentially it is a treadling where the twill progression is not continuous (1 – 8 and round again) but inches forward in small steps. In this case I am treadling 1 – 5, then 2 – 6, then 3 – 7 and so on. With each section I am pushing the progression forward by one step. It is a design technique that slows the twill down a little and stretches it out.

You may also notice that my tie-up is not quite balanced. Overall I have more weft than warp showing – in this case more of the green forest than the white snow – and as I progress slowly through the different lifts, the area which shows the most weft gradually shifts across the design too.

Download the drafts

Printable drafts and project planning notes for the Twelve Twills collection: six 4-shaft and six 8-shaft twills, all accessed through our beautiful online resource hub.

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