Interlocking triangles

12 Twills of Christmas: Twill 5

29 December

Apparently I can’t go five days without cheating! Because today’s weave is really more of a crepe weave than a twill.

The threading is a straight draw and the lifts do include twill lifts, but they are mixed with plain weave and ordered so that the distinctive twill diagonal is missing. In fact this tie-up comes from the well known book A Handbook of Weaves by G H Oelsner, and you can find it here on

My contribution is that I discovered, through messing about on the loom, that if you treat it as a colour-and-weave design you can create interlocking triangles of different colours. I originally wove this in black and yellow (don’t ask) but here it is in red and white: Christmas bunting!

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    • Hi Alison, I am not quite sure what you mean by a Z draft. Is your threading a point draw, like the treadling shown here? If so, then yes, you can weave the pattern by ‘turning’ the draft but the cloth won’t look exactly the same – the pattern will run across the cloth horizontally rather than vertically. I can’t attach an image here but I can email one to you.

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