Cord weave

12 Twills of Christmas: Twill 6

30 December

While we are in cheat mode, I have to share this simple 4-shaft draft. It is one of my all-time favourites and, as per yesterday, uses a mix of plain weave and twill lifts. In A Handweaver’s Pattern Book Marguerite Porter Davidson calls it cord weave, though it often pops up without any particular name attached. The reason I love it is its potential for highlighting small amounts of colour in warp stripes if the colour is positioned on shafts 1 and 4. The contrasting colour can be used regularly or intermittently across the threading as your design idea demands.

In this draft I have shown a black warp and dark grey weft so that each is visible against the other. When I have actually used cord weave in this way, I have used dark charcoal in both warp and weft and found it very effective.

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